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Beatmkakerz is a guitar-hero style minigame that replaces the guitar with a car

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What Is It: 

Beatmakerz was one of my first Flash games that I worked on outside of school. The idea was to take the new car toyline from Toy State and create a short but fun game that showcased some of the cars. The 'Dub Garage' cars had a heavy focus on music and we designed the game to emphasize that. In the game, the player controls a car across a three lane road. As the player drives down the road they encounter 'beats' which can be picked up. The beats are collected in rhythm with the current song, and the music dynamically changes based on how well the player is doing. Each of the three lanes is associated with a different part of the music: bass, lead, and synth. If the players collect the beats, those parts become louder but if the player fails to hit the beats, they fade away.

What I Did: 

Created wireframes to detail the different screen states of the game. Worked in a small team consisting of 1 creative director, 1 designer, and 1 developer other than myself.

How Did I Do It: 

One of the coolest features of this game was the way in which beats were generated. Each level had a multitrack song composed of 3 FLV files entitled 'Bass', 'Lead' and 'Synth'. These files were brought into Adobe Soundbooth where markers were assigned at specific parts of the song. Each marker correlated with a beat that the player needs to hit in the game. An AS3 class then dynamically brought in each FLV file for each level and offset each marker based on the speed of the track - allowing for a beat to spawn seconds before it was actually supposed to be hit. Using 3 FLV files not only allowed for dynamic beat generation but it also allowed us to individually control the volume of each track rather than having to increase and decrease the volume of the track as a whole.