Matthew Vroman


Game Designer


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Technical Designer

  • F84 Games, Los Angeles, CA - June 2012 to Present
    • Designing and developing games for clients such as Disney, Warner Bros., and Mattel.
    • Working with each part of the team to ensure the technical parameters of projects are met.
    • Interfacing with clients to provide technical insights into the publishing and deployment of games.

Adjunct Professor

  • Bradley University, Los Angeles, CA - January 2017 to Present
    • Teaching a Hollywood Semester workshop class for upper level students majoring in Game Design.
    • Focusing on guiding the students through the process of game creation from start to finish.

Design Intern

  • F84 Games, Los Angeles, CA - January 2012 to May 2012
    • Wrote documentation and game pitches for a variety of projects.
    • Provided additional support via programming, animating, designing, and game testing.

Development Intern

  • The Iona Group, Morton IL - May 2011 to December 2011
    • Developed and produced mobile applications and programs for clients.
    • Worked in small teams with fast deadlines. Coded in Objective-C, C++, and AS3.


  • Bradley University, Peoria IL - January 2011 to May 2011
    • Tutored students in the basics of the Python programming language.

public speaking

Delivered multiple talks ranging from 50 minutes to 3 hour workshops on the below topics

  • General Game Design - Understanding core concepts such as game flow and user feedback
  • Choosing the Right Game Engine - How to decide what to use when starting a new project
  • Working in Unity3D - Structuring a project, taking advantage of extensions, using uGUI, working with navmeshes, and more

notable projects

Stan Lee's Hero Command - Designer & Developer - Mobile Game

  • Wrote initial design documentation
  • Worked closely with lead programmer & animator to create an extensive and easily modifiable combat system
  • Implemented responsive front-end user interface
  • Designed and implemented 100+ missions across 3 hero campaigns

Survival Run - Designer & Developer - Mobile Game

  • Ported game to Android and Windows Phone. Updated UI to be responsive across various device sizes. Implemented platform specific plugins.
  • Designed 'survival gear', equipment that benefits the player during gameplay
  • Implemented 'Skillz', an asynchronous multiplayer platform for competing against other players

HTML5 Games - Designer & Developer - Web & Mobile Games - Client Work

  • Created HTML5 Games (WebGL with Canvas fallback) that run on common web browsers across PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices.
  • Worked in Haxe with one additional programmer to create a proprietary engine built on top of Pixi.js
  • Worked on designs for each game to match clients expectations
  • Implemented graphics for user interface, gameplay, and more
  • Interfaced with clients to respond to feedback and make design changes based on stakeholder and producer requests.
  • Created and implemented sound effects

Beatmakers - Developer - Flash Web Game - Client Work

  • Developed a rhythm-based minigame for Toy State in Flash. Used AS3 and XML.
  • Worked with a small team of 1 creative direction, 2 developers, and 1 artist.

Flyy - Designer & Developer - Mobile Game - Independent Work

  • Worked as a one-man team inside Unity3d to design, develop, and publish an obstacle avoidance game over the course of a week. Coded in Javascript and released onto the iOS App Store and Android Marketplace

Pumpkin Grand Prix - Designer & Developer - Mac & PC Game - School Work

  • Created a single-player arcade racing game using Unity3d. Game logic coded in Javascript and shaders coded in C#. Created design document, test plans, and post mortem reports.

RGBlaster- Designer & Developer - iPad Game - School Work

  • Designed and developed an arcade color-matching game. Worked on a team of 4 to design the game and create materials documenting the process. Created a simple game engine using Open Frameworks. Written in C++ with Game Center integration added in Objective-C.


Software: maya, unity3d, blender, flash, illustrator, photoshop, after effects

Languages: objective-c, c++, c#, python, javascript, java, actionscript

Frameworks: open frameworks, cinder, cocos2d, box2d, chipmunk, titanium

Other: scrum, task management software, user testing, design documents, git, svn


Bradley University - Fall 2008 to May 2012

  • Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media - Game Design
  • Minor in Computer Science


Applied Excellence in Game Design: Slane CFA Awards 2012

Flyy: 1st Place, iBradley 2011, Interactive Category

Pumpkin Grand Prix: 3rd Place, iBradley 2011, Interactive Category