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iOS Retro Arcade Space Shooter

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What Is It: 

RGBlaster is an arcade touch game that tasks the players with defending their home planet against never-ending waves of enemies. The player must match the color of their missiles with the color of the enemy that they are targeting. Enemies can be targeted by swiping your finger across them. RGBlaster also uses the current resolution of the game (8, 16, & 32-bit) to indicate how well the player is doing. This project initially spanned a total of 6 weeks from the first brainstorming phase to golden master. After the project was over, I went back to open-source our code and use it as a starting point for RGBlaster 1.5. Version 1.5 added new features such as game center integration and was released onto the iTunes App Store on March 8th, 2012 as a free game.

What Did I Do: 

I helped to design, test, and develop this game throughout each project milestone. I focused the most on the development end of the project where I wrote the core classes and initial structure for the game. I also spent a lot of my time working on the gameplay- adding enemy movement patterns, creating the HUD, and integrating animations and sound among other things. After the class that was creating this game was over, I added new features such as power-ups, updated graphics, achievements, leaderboards, and more to the game. I also released it onto the iTunes App Store as a free game so that more people can see the work our team did.

How Did I Do It: 

RGBlaster was developed using the iOS prerelease version of Open-Frameworks. The code was written in Objective-C++ files (.mm) allowing us direct access to objects such as NSUserDefaults while still letting us to write the core of our game in C++.