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Survival Run

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Survival Run with Bear Grylls is an infinite runner available on iOS, Android, Nook, and Amazon store fronts!
Technical Designer

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What Is It: 

Survival Run with Bear Grylls is a infinite runner, similar to games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and Agent Dash. You play as legendary survivor Bear Grylls and must run, jump, slide, and more in order to escape the clutches of a ferocious Grizzly Bear! Survival Run was originally released for iOS but has since made it's way onto Google Play, Amazon, and the Nook App Store!

What I Did: 

As Technical Designer, I dabbled in both design and code for this project. I helped to design and balance Survival Gear, Supply Drops, and other store items. I also handled the dynamic scaling of UI so that the game could be brought to devices of varying resolutions. I also worked on the Android and Windows ports of the game, implementing platform specific functionality for each of the store fronts.