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Tiny Vessels

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An interactive story made in 24 hours for Ludum Dare 23.
Actionscript 3

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What Is It: 

Tiny Vessels is my submission to the Ludum Dare 23. Ludum Dare is a 48-hour solo competition where developers must create a game based on a theme voted on by the community. The theme for this LD was 'Tiny World'. My submission received 2nd Place in the Mood category and ranked 40th overall out of 1402 entries. Not too shabby for my first entry.

What I Did: 

Because my game wasn't technically complex or required many assets, I spent the majority of the time focused on the story and how it was portrayed to the player. I also recruited multiple people for user testing to make sure the story was clear and the gameplay made sense.

How Did I Do It: 

haven't explored Flixel or FlashPunk enough to be comfortable with using either in a 24-hour piece, so I decided not to use any libraries outside of the default AS3 library. The game is simple enough where I didn't have to write much code (in fact, my submission probably has the least amount of code written for it out of all 1402 games that were made!). All the art was created in Illustrator and then brought into Flash as either a .swf or .png. Tiny Vessels definitely isn't a good example of an efficient workflow but since it's such a small project I was okay with letting that slide.